Tuesday, February 1, 2011

& so

Blog #2 begins.. I'm starting to feel the loss of those I hold dear. A sort of epically empty space inside of me. It's not so bad during the day while being forced to live in the moment. When night comes however...

Well, let us just say that my bed is mighty cold. Don't get me wrong, I've got love out here & I know it.. But... I guess it's still too soon. I don't really know anyone here besides my housemates. Although I might be going to see Pendulum down in Denver later this month with H, the cute waitress @the local cheap burgers on Mondays joint. It'd be great to get out dancing for a night. Ha. Not to say I expect her to be coming home with me ;) The boy in the basement digs her.

& he! Has pretty much been my best buddy since I got here. If you could consider someone you don't know at all as such.. He's a Taurus too. Go figure. He is also kind of a Doppelbob... Which I've been trying to get over. 
Either way. He's been my hero. Between helping unload all my crap, bringing me shopping(@all million of the food places out here! sheesh) & to the atm.. Cooking foods.. Getting me shitfaced... Ooh, we went to the Comedy Works on Sunday! Such a good time. But also a reminder as to why I don't drink vodka anymore!!

Tomorrow is workday #2. Hopefully it won't be as long & exhausting as last Wednesday was..

Ive been sitting in on a friend from homes' thesis rehearsals down in Boulder. He goes to Naropa. It's a masked rock music piece called "The Chauvinist". This kid is damned talented. :)

Ive got some things that I want to get accomplished over the next few weeks.. Basementboy said he'd hook up a ride to the DMV so I can get a new ID on Thursday. IDs only cost $10.50 here! Woo! I want to read as much of The Emperor Wears No Clothes as possible(since I totally kind of yoinked KOPs copy like a big fat jerk. Sorry!!) Ive got to research as many recipes as possible that can possibly have cannabis added to them for an article D & I are supposed to do.. Also neeeed to work on the CrystalCookie's Cannabis Commandments article for Far Out Magazine..yupyupyup.

Amidst all this, I need to find a part time job, as Im not currently seeing any income in my pocketses. Good thing I left without my last check from the toystore.. It's all good though. All things come in due time. I've got plenty to be doing!

With all of this stuff to do who has time to be depressed? :p
There is just too much going on. 

Haven't even got a grip on my home setting for autopilot yet!
Home is where the heart is though, isn't it?

Good thing mine has long since been in pieces. Spread those babies out unto the world.