Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guess I'll Blog then.

As if writing my thoughts here are any different than posting them as a note on facebook..

Ive had all this shit in my head for a while now. I guess since I stopped writing so often when I was 18..

Trauma will do that I guess. Not that what transpired when I was 18 is the worst trauma to befall me.. It was just the timeframe I had to shut off certain aspects of my brain for survivals sake.. Not necessarily my own..

Well, I am going to make this my forced effort at pulling myself out of the past I have so recently, very literally moved away from.

It is a very interesting thing to have removed oneself from the only home/family/friends one has ever known.. People do it all the time. Just jumping up with their bag packed & raring to go.. But then there are the people who never leave the places that they came from. Never escape the walls that were built around them to break out & see the vast world outside. Now, coming from a place that I know everyone eventually returns to, I wonder what will become of me now that I am in this new place with these new people..

For now, a nap I think.
What dreams may come?