Thursday, October 27, 2011

My gypsy eyes are open wide...

One week from now I will have just lifted off the tarmac of Denver International Airport. Flying high literally and figuratively as I commence the next chapter of my life. 

Editor/Personal Assistant (& Research Assistant.)/Housekeeper/Kidwatcher/Doer of shit that the guy who does all the shit nobody else wants to do doesn't have time to do.

Also, finishing the article I started this summer. I imagine, that with the delay that's had between my slow process & Rick's busy schedule (hehe I LOVE that he's the one editing it for me, even though it's been back-burnered for now by the rest of his crazy life) that it probably won't get released until the next San Fran Cannabis Cup comes around, so the story will be relevant. But that's okay. I'm patient. I just want the world to get it at some point or another.

My first online herbalism class starts this coming Tuesday as well (the same day my "cube" moving container gets dropped off.) My mom was awesome enough to hook me up with the first two books I needed for the course so I've been plugging away at one of them already.

It's going to be an interesting journey. One that wouldn't be possible without a bit of help from my friends.. And some strangers.

More on that in a few.. First a bit about my last journey home. I had some help with that too. A couple of friends threw down on a ticket for me. (One of whom has been recompensed.) Such an amazing love filled trip home. I had a bit more time to breathe on this adventure, which was really nice. I got to do just about everything I'd hoped to. 
"Family" dinner at Pickel's, BPR, Freedom Rally Pre-Party, the biggest Boston Freedom Rally to date (seriously there were just SO many people crawling the common that day!!) followed by Sin-O-Matic's Back to School fetish party with the lovely Lilith Astaroth. I had a great time spending the remainder of the weekend with her gallivanting at King Richard's Faire.

I got to see my best boy DJ and his phenom of a lady Jess & their new place in Arlington. I believe that boy has met his match & it's marvelous!! <3 (Ironically he lives a two minute walk from Lil's.)
Cheesy Steak night at Major MacGleash's that turned into crazy wonderful drunken dance party at Dodge St... Worked an afternoon for the sweet local business doing some prep for the Goddess who runneth. 

Shared the joy of the KOP of's 50th SURPRISE birthday celebration.. Oh man, I wish someone had gotten a video of him flying backwards out the door in shock.. Priceless.
Hmm what else? Well, I had a Dr.'s appointment that was pretty important. Essentially the real reason for the whole trip. Everything is alright (moossstlyyy,) but I'm not going to rule out the fact that my cervix might want to take me out at some point.

Had some hooping funtime with a new friend and some old. Watched Dougsux, Elise & co. spin some sweet fire...

I got to have dinner with my grandparents.. My friends Matty & Alex... My buddy Tony.. Pickel's awesome MamaLove & Nino.. (Hey, I like food, & I like eating with other people. Not so bad I think) Ooh I got to have breakfast @ Red's with Alan, Jen, & the wee carrotbaby.. Ryan & his boyo were there too..  

Gotta do a shout out to FSC & the gorgeous staff who have the ill coffee skillz. Yum. That is all.

Mmmm & when it was finally time to head up to Lawtown & eat the delicious porkchop dinner sweet Melissa cooked for me I was pleasantly surprised to not only be eating with her & Cheface, but also DA & Bubbloney. Secret ninja missions in the night were a precursor to Tacos Lupitas & an amazingly rain filled weekend of music and debauchery up on the Hill in Maine. Next year I think I'll buy my ticket so I don't have to miss out on the sweet tealight spiral (again) while I'm napping for my sweet overnight shift at the front gate (I don't mind volunteering but it sure cuts into the fun a bit!)
Huge thank you to miss Jenni who hooked up a ride back from the Hill.( It was awesome to finally meet her & get to have weirdo creeper ladytime with she & Kel. 
Danced my ass off in the rain to the Big Ol Dirty Bucket & The Few. Made my fricken weekend. Didn't give a shit that we only had one day of sun surrounded by torrential downpours & drizzlesauce.

oh, started & ended the trip with burn runs up 127 too. So nice. I love my friends 

So yeah. That, off the top of my head was my visit home. I got to see a bunch of people I didn't mention here. Had some seriously important long-awaited convos with some people that I will ALWAYS love regardless of all the past bullshit. It was a relief to have them.. I think. I dunno...

Anywhooo.. So back I came to CO. Enough money to buy myself food for a few weeks in my pocket thanks to my grandparents. Come to find out that my trip to NJ wasn't as secure as I thought due to financial circumstances out of mine & Rick's control.. So what was I to do? I did the one thing that I thought might help me get to NJ & to work the fastest.. A facebook blast. Shitty time to do it, what with all this Occupy stuff going on out there in the world, & knowing that most of the people in my life are in the same financial situation as myself, if not worse. 
Invited pretty much everyone who was on my fb friends list. At least 1000 of whom I'm pretty sure never even saw the link. (good thing I "know" an asston of people?) & I got a mixed response to say the least...
It blows me away how generous & compassionate some people can be & just outright surprises me when people start acting like huge assholes because you had the balls to ask them for anything at all. Especially when they didn't have to help, & could have just said no, sorry can't help you. But instead have to be insulting dickwads about it. Yup. Nice to know the real beasts that lurk inside the people close to the people you're close to. 

Oh well. Regardless, I got the help that I needed, & will soon be on my way!

Packing up my life again
Grateful to have made some friends 
& shared my light in this experiment.
Here I go 
I'm jumping off
This green springboard into the abyss.
X marks the spot
The treasures wrought
I surely shouldn't miss.
Onto the next chapter
I'll find there words and laughter
Living out this dream that I have sought..

My next blog will be made from the East Coast. I wonder if I'll be able to smell the ocean from my new home...

Love & Light